Grand to Grand Ultra 2016 – Stage 5

30 September 2016

Greetings from Camp 6 at the end of Stage 5 of the Grand to Grand Ultra.

A tough but amazing day of running through slot canyons and river beds. I finished the 42km stage in 5h33, in 20th position on the day.

Last night was really challenging after most runners’ had to go to bed with wet clothes and gear, and most of our stuff were still damp this morning. I didn’t sleep much and wasn’t really in the mood for running this morning. But from start I just kept going and although my feet is really painful, I had a good run and finished strongly.

We ran a really beautiful course today and the views were just amazing. Where possible, I even stopped for a quick photo or two.

Now it is time for a final freezed dried meal and then only 12km tomorrow morning to the finishing line. But it will be challenging as we will run uphill all the way – 800m elevation gain.

Thank you for the messages of support over the past week. The next update from me will be after a hot shower and meal once we are back in Kanab!

Please remember to support my fundraising campaign in support of the END Fund and the fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Africa. Refer to to learn more and make a donation.

Together, we can END NTDs in Africa!

Until tomorrow.

Best wishes



About David Barnard

This blog site covers my runs through the deserts of the world in support of social causes and campaigns dedicated to development issues in Africa. My next run is the 250km Big Red Run in Australia from 24-29 June 2017 in support of the Hippo Water Roller.
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